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Strength of Your Triangle Choke, Effectiveness

Strength of Your Triangle

triangle Nov 20, 2022

The Strength of Your Triangle

When Someone has a Triangle Choke, or really any choke for that matter, and they’re squeezing hard as heck. Your neck is feeling all the crank, but there’s not really a choke going on, just an insane amount of pressure. That’s when you give your partner the eyes, “You know you don’t really have this you’re just squeezing.” Now you may give your partner the tap because you want to save your neck for the simple stuff in life, like being able to look over your shoulder when you please, but your partner is no better off. They’re off to crank more necks. That being said, there’s no conversation you can have with them after they just submitted you, that is going to convince them to change their ways.

The reason they’ll never hear you out is because they’ve been getting all these false positives. They’re getting these taps in the gym, but when it comes to game day, there may be that tough guy who will override the pressure with the adrenaline of competition, escape and be a menace. They’ll feel it the subsequent morning but, they’ll tough it out in the moment. Then, when he’s lost his tournament, the offending squeezer who is giving out pinched nerves in the gym may take a moment to reconsider his approach. We gotta learn to be after the perfect choke, not just the tap.

What they need to hear in that moment when their ready is” The Strength of your Triangle is determined and defined not by the intensity of your squeeze but by the distance between your knees.” What does that mean, he or she may ask???? It means stop squeezing all the damn students’ necks!!! Let go that tension, until its more accurately placed and channeled. There’s another phrase around these parts we like to use. Slide, don’t squeeze. Slide your knees together and you’ll close off all the empty space your partners neck could have.

Say you were stuck in a trash compactor, unlikely yes, but I won’t pass up a chance at a Star Wars reference. If those walls were 10 ft apart but shaking violently, would you feel any pressure? Now if those walls were 6,3,2,0 inches apart would you feel the pressure, bet your ass you would, just ask Chewy.

Whether a leg triangle, or an arm triangle, step 1: Slide your knees or elbows closer together to increase the strength of your triangle.

Test: Make your leg triangle. Yes, wherever you’re at, make a leg triangle. Everyone already knows you as the person who does JJ wherever, whenever. You see that distance between your knees? Slide ‘em together. Or just squeeze your ass off and watch that space remain, or even worse, increase!

But coach it works, are you saying don’t squeeze and that strength doesn’t matter??? No, no no, just that when you learned lesson one, “Slide, don’t squeeze,” and are able to control your mechanics, you’ve made it to lesson two. “Slide, then squeeze...”

Exhale, Breathe, let go of that tension. See where else you can be more accurately placed within your life for efficiency, balance, and happiness. Then go put people to sleep, dueces

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